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 Department at PathStone accomplishes our mission by offering energy efficient solutions through the process of weatherization and energy related services. Since 1988 PathStone has improved housing energy efficiency and indoor air quality for over 5,650 units. PathStone provides weatherization and energy conservation services to reduce energy usage, obtain optimum efficiency, and to help protect your family.

Weatherization Assistance Program

by PathStone Staff on 08/15/13

Good Afternoon!

Do you have a drafty home, high energy bills, issues with heating or problems keeping the rooms in your home temperate throughout the year?

The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) is federally funded through the U.S. Departments of Energy and Health and Human Services to provide energy conservation measures to income eligible households. This provides free money to homeowners and renters in households at 60% or less of the state median income with priority given to senior citizens, families with children and households with handicapped or homebound residents for the purpose of improving energy efficiency, making safety upgrades and providing education. Recipients of HEAP are automatically income eligible.

This program helps reduce energy costs in your home and make your more comfortable, improving your standard of living!

All parts of the state are covered and PathStone is your local provider for these services in the Monroe County outside the city limits. For Monroe County residents living in the Rochester City limits, call Action for a Better Community (ABC) at 585-442-4160. If you reside outside of Monroe County, contact your local town hall, utilities provider, senior group or other services provider to receive weatherization assistance in your area.

We are excited to announce that the waiting list for the Monroe County WAP is much shorter than this time last year! Sign up today to reserve your place on the Monroe County waiting list. Or give us a call at 585-442-2030.

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PathStone - Connecting You to OpportunitiesPathStone - Connecting You to OpportunitiesPathStone - Connecting You to Opportunities
PathStone - Connecting You to Opportunities
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