Weatherization Assistance Program
The Weatherization Assistance Program is brought to you by  U.S. Departments of Energy and Health and Human Services. The WAP  assists income-eligible families and individuals by reducing heating/cooling costs and improving the safety of homes or rented property through free energy efficiency measures. 
Eligibility :
Monroe County Weatherization Assistance Program
Outside of Rochester City limits in Monroe County and 60% of area median income. Feel free to call us at (585) 442-2030 ext. 202 for further program assistance.
Household Size
2012-2013 Monthly
2012-2013 Annual
The program consists of a six step process: intake form, waiting list, application, audit, weatherization service, and then a follow up inspection. Once we have completed the audit of your home, we may begin a range of the following free services depending on our findings:

  • Addition of insulation to walls or ceilings
  • Reduce heat loss and cold air drafts
  • Cleaning, testing, repairs or replacements of heating systems, weatherstriping, and caulking around doors and windows
  • Repair cracks and broken glass in windows or doors
  • Address moisture issues, health and safety, and comfort issues in your home
  • Minor repairs as needed to ensure maximum efficiency from weatherization services
Please understand that we currently have a waiting list and that every house or rental property does not receive the same improvements. Our energy improvements must have a justifiable savings to investment ratio in order for us to replace or repair. We will provide all necessary improvements for your specific home or rented property.
$ 2,244
$ 2,935
$ 3,625
$ 4,316
$ 7,508
$ 6,815
$ 6,122
$ 5,697
$ 5,006
$ 8,895
$ 8,202
Add $693 Per Person Monthly
$ 26,931
$ 73,460
$ 68,363
$ 60,076
$ 51,790
$ 43,504
$ 35,217
$ 98,420
$ 90,100
$ 81,780
PathStone at Work :
Examples of Justified Work :
Jeff Fowler moved into his 1950’s home in Gates, NY nearly 20 years ago. Unemployed during the recent economic downturn, Jeff was frustrated with his skyrocketing energy bills. Additionally, he suspected that his asthma was aggravated by the poor air quality in the home. Jeff responded to an ad for PathStone’s Weatherization Assistance Program. After a thorough energy audit of his home, PathStone was able to provide Jeff with a new energy-efficient boiler, a new refrigerator and more efficient lighting. PathStone also replaced a small door to the attic, repaired a hole in the floor and, where possible, provided new insulation throughout the house. The Weatherization Assistance Program has made Jeff’s home more comfortable to live in, and he has seen lower energy bills too.
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Phone Number: (585) 442-2030

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