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Green Jobs Green New York is a state wide program brought to you by NYSERDA that promotes energy efficiency, reduces energy consumption and green house gas emissions, supports sustainable community development, and creates job opportunities. PathStone is a Constituency-Based Organization (CBO) that connects small businesses and not-for-profits to free energy audits, low interest financing, and pre-qualified incentives for installation of energy efficiency measures within the Finger Lakes Region.
Energy Audit Program
NYSERDA's Energy Audit program will provide energy audits to small businesses and other facilities to help them make informed electrical energy decisions and implement energy-efficiency strategies. Audits help identify economically viable improvements that yield substantial annual energy savings.

Audits and assistance with the Consolidated Funding Application in the Finger Lakes Region are provided to your organization by GDS Associates.

If you are interested in the Energy Audit program, please fill out a Consolidated Funding Application.
The Existing Facilities program offers both pre-qualified incentives and performance-based projects to customers interested in capital improvements in commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings. 

NYSERDA Existing Facilities Program Financial Incentives Program Opportunity Notice

Eligible Pre-Qualified Incentives include:

Interval Meters
Variable Frequency Drives
Commercial Refrigeration
Commercial Kitchen Equipment and Washers

Learn more about the pre-qualified incentives at NYSERDA.
PathStone Corporation, an approved Community Development Financial Institution, can provide loans up to $100,000 at half market rate! By partnering with NYSERDA, PathStone now offers this small businesses and not-for-profits energy efficiency financing product. Visit NYSERDA for further detail on the financing program available.

In order to be eligible, facilities must pay into the System Benefits Charge as electric and/or natural gas customers through National Grid, NYSEG, or RG&E in the Finger Lakes Region.

Click here for more information on program eligibility.

Make use of programs to lower overhead costs
Small businesses and not-for-profits are eligible for a free audit. All facilities must have an average electric demand of 100kW or less.

Energy Audit 

Kitchen Concepts
Jim Garlock is the owner of Kitchen Concepts in Lockport, NY and has over 26 years of experience in kitchen and bath industry. For a majority of that time, he worked from a home office, building a loyal customer base. Knowing that the company needed expansion to serve its customers, Jim starting planning his new showroom, but needed help financing his endeavor. Jim contacted PathStone for assistance and had this to say:
"Using PathStone to help with the financing of my new showroom was the best thing I did. Unlike traditional banks, PathStone cares about the client. PathStone offers sound advice and was very helpful through the entire process. I couldn't have done it without them"

NYSERDA is proud to offer small businesses and not-for-profits alternative financing options for energy saving measures. Saving energy means reducing your company's overhead costs and increasing sustainability, while growing overall revenue. It's just one way we are trying to help New York companies compete, be successful and expand.

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Energy Audit 
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