Weatherization Education
Energy Myths and Misconceptions
Home Lighting Education
Educate yourself on the Weatherization process. This resource will help you address your home heating and cooling solutions, allowing you to check areas of your home that exhibit inefficient energy flows (i.e. drafty vents or windows, poor insulation, etc.) 
Not sure about the lighting options available to you? We've done the work and put together an easy to understand comparison of alternative lighting solutions that can save you serious cash on your energy bills. Save money and the environment with new technologies: now there's a bright idea!
PathStone Energy Services Education
Understand common misconceptions about savings and building science with this quick guide. Once you learn what improvements yield the best savings to investment ratios, you will have built a better base for evaluating a plan of work. Your home and pocketbook will thank you.
This is a great guide which looks at recommendations for ENERGY STAR heating, cooling, appliances, lighting and other electronic solutions. By adopting ENERGY STAR rated appliances, you could see a 10 to 50 percent reduction in energy use over non-Energy Star models.
PathStone Weatherization Education
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An Educational Approach Comparing Home Improvements and Financial Sense
Smart, Inexpensive Ways to Go Green
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