Free energy efficiency improvements are available for homeowners and renters, You may be eligible for EmPower New York if you can answer "Yes" to both of these statements:

  • I live in a home or building with 100 units or fewer
  • My household income is below 60 percent of the state median income (I am eligible for regular HEAP benefits) or I participate in a utility assistance program. Those figures can be found in the table below.
EmPower New York
EmPower New York is a program that allows families and individuals to make their home or apartment more energy efficient - for free. Income-eligible New Yorkers can get no-cost upgrades that reduce energy bills. Now you don't have to choose between utilities and other necessities. Call or fill out an intake form to get started today!
EmPower New York Income Eligibility
Household Size
2012-2013 Monthly
2012-2013 Annual
Just a few energy improvements can save you cash on your energy bills. Here are some examples of upgrades you could receive at no charge:

  • New energy-efficient lighting
  • Insulation to make your home or apartment warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer
  • Air sealing to reduce drafts
  • Plus, we'll show you additional ways to use less energy in your daily routine, saving you more money.
  • Health and safety checks of carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, and more
$ 2,244
$ 2,935
$ 3,625
$ 4,316
$ 7,508
$ 6,815
$ 6,122
$ 5,697
$ 5,006
$ 8,895
$ 8,202
Add $693 Per Person Monthly
$ 26,931
$ 73,460
$ 68,36
$ 60,076
$ 51,790
$ 43,504
$ 35,217
$ 106,740
$ 98,420
$ 90,100
$ 81,780
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EmPower New York is a program that offers FREE energy saving improvements to income-eligible residents. In addition to physical upgrades, residents are provided with valuable on-site energy education, offering additional strategies for managing energy costs.

EmPower is beneficial in that it has the same income requirements as HEAP and the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) but without the waiting list. This means that you can be on the waiting list for a Weatherization project but can still apply for and receive your EmPower project through PathStone. 
Interested in how to save money the next time you blow a bulb? Click on the LED image below to learn more about energy saving bulbs.
Did you know that swapping an average incandescent bulb for a Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) will pay for the cost of the CFL in less than a year? (under normal usage)
Improving energy efficiency saves you money - and won't cost you a dime! A small improvement makes a big difference.
It's easy to get started!

Fill out the intake form below for review by PathStone's team of Energy Services Professionals. Once you're approved, we'll schedule a free energy assessment of your home or apartment by a Building Performance Institute (BPI) accredited contractor. Your assessment will pinpoint the ways we can help your home be more energy efficient, healthier, more comfortable - and save you money!
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